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Splendid Villa in Switzerland

The contemporary residence set on a hill in Switzerland speaks through the materials, shapes and volumes used. It is a perfect example of how nature and architecture can coexist and coalesce. Nature enters the home through a careful selection of materials that integrate with the landscape. The surrounding nature offers unique lifestyle possibilities. Spread over four floors, three above ground and a basement level, the house also features access from above, from one of the most exclusive spaces, a real day spa with a sky and lake view. The automated well-being temple is composed of a sauna, swimming pool and Turkish bath, designed in the smallest details and characterised by the uniqueness of the construction, the quality of the tiles and the technological functionality. This is a home where the inhabitants can live the dream of relaxing in the open air every day.
Sabrina Cherubin, the interior designer who oversaw the entire interior design.

Floor and wall tiles used

Ground floor stairs and flooring: Floor Gres ceramic tiles, Walks 1.0 series, White Soft colour, in 80×240 format, rectified and 6 mm thick
Second floor: Floor Gres ceramic tiles, Walks 1.0 series, White Soft colour, in 60×120 format, rectified and 10 mm thick
Master bathroom flooring and shower base: Rex tiles, Alabastri series, Amber colour, in 80×180 format, lapped, polished and rectified
Second bathroom wall tiles: Casa Dolce Casa porcelain stoneware tiles, Stones & More series Burl White Glossy colour, in rectified 80×240 format
Second bathroom shower base tiles: Casa Dolce Casa porcelain stoneware tiles, Stones & More series, Burl White Matte colour, in rectified 80×240 format
Third bathroom wall tiles: Rex porcelain stoneware tiles I Marmi di Rex series, Marble Brown Glossy colour, in rectified 80×240 format
Third bathroom shower base tiles: Rex porcelain stoneware tiles, I Marmi di Rex series, Marble Brown Matte colour, in rectified 80×180 format
Indoor pool flooring: Floor Gres ceramic slabs, Walks 1.0 series, White Natural colour, in 60×120, format rectified and 10 mm thick
Outdoor pool paving: Floor Gres ceramic slabs, Walks 1.0 series, White Natural colour, in 40×120 format, rectified and 20 mm thick
Step tiles in the wellness area: Casa Dolce Casa porcelain stoneware slabs, Wooden Tile series, Wooden Walnut Nature colour, in 26.5×180 format, rectified