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Onetile is the only web platform that combines many years of experience in the world of ceramics with a large distribution capacity. We are able to provide the best products made in Italy, at the best price on the market.

We aim to make all of the best ceramics accessible at an exclusive price, assembling a personalised range that takes into account the customer's true needs. We offer advice on the choice of the best product and the installation of the same.

Thanks to our experience and a certified team of collaborators, we are able to assist customers to select the most suitable product for them, up until the installation of the same. We guarantee the greatest products and services at the best price on the market
Mr Matteo Durante - Founder & C.E.O. Onetile.it
Onetile aims to be the very first web platform to offer professional consulting to assist all users in their selection of products from the major Italian ceramic brands.
The close business partnerships stipulated with the major Italian floor and wall tile manufacturers now enable us to offer these brands at the best price on the market.

At Onetile, users can request a personalised quote for the type of service they require, ensuring that every single request is customised and optimised in the best possible way.

At Onetile, our sales and delivery services are characterised by the specific agreements stipulated between Onetile and specialised transport companies. We have contracts with a specialised transport company to service the national market and a qualified transport company for the international market. Therefore, we can ensure optimised, personalised and convenient deliveries for all our customers, guaranteeing quality service, insurance and product protection. Onetile also offers adhesives, grouts and other installation accessories; furthermore, upon request, we will place industry professionals, who guarantee high-quality laying standards, at the service of our customers.

For those who need further advice, our partnership with Tempini 1921 enables us to provide detailed information at our two showrooms in Brescia and Milan

Mr Nicola Tempini President & CEO Tempini1921 Tempini 1921
Has entered into a partnership with Onetile, offering the expert knowledge of its sales consultants. These representatives are available to satisfy the customer's every single requirement during an appointment at the showrooms in Brescia and Milan.

Mr Matteo Durante - Founder & C.E.O. Onetile.it
Buying on Onetile.it is easy and affordable easy as it seems