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Lea Ceramiche

The essential sign. Ceramics that inhabit space

The essential sign. Ceramics that inhabit space
One of the boldest and most productive brands in the Modena ceramic district, Lea Ceramiche heralds the fundamental values of excellence, innovation, enthusiasm, aesthetics, competence and reliability. The Fiorano Modenese-based company designs and manufactures ceramic materials for wall and floor tiles suitable for all environments.
The company's innovative capacity is based on continuous experimentation. Over the years, Lea Ceramiche has become one of the most prestigious companies in the international ceramics industry thanks to the development of production systems and cutting-edge technologies. This has been possible thanks to the attention to detail offered each season. The successful collections are imbued with great personality and are based on a careful stylistic, aesthetic and performance research.
Lea Ceramiche is constantly committed to protecting the environment. At every stage of the production cycle, special focus is given to the work environment, raw materials and the packaging used; every process is monitored to ensure energy savings and environmental protection.