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La Porta Antica Restaurant

High-quality floor and wall tiles for this important restaurant in Brescia

Centrally-located restaurant in Brescia, curated and established by a Michelin-starred chef. Augusto Valzelli, a young man who boasts 3 stars in the Michelin guide, opened the "La Porta Antica" restaurant, the jewel in the crown of the city's culinary panorama. The restaurant specialises in the preparation of raw fish dishes, with modern variations that envisage prawn accompanied by kiwi. The restaurant comes to life reflecting its dishes. Simple wooden tables, bright colours on the walls, design in every corner, 3 antique doors from which the restaurant takes its name and the flooring featuring large black slabs delineate the character, refinement and attention to detail while maintaining the hospitable warmth. We thank chef Valzelli, the Architect, Bertolotti, and Tempini 1921 for choosing to collaborate with us.

Floor and wall tiles used

Main flooring: Rex porcelain stoneware slabs, Ardoise series, Noire matt. colour, in 60×120 format