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Onetile Commercial

Onetile commercial partnership

The Onetile commercial partnership project was born from the desire to assist small-scale floor and wall tile retailers that struggle to keep up with the increasing price competition inherent in the industry. These businesses provide dedicated consultancy services to their customers.

Our commercial partnerships give these businesses the opportunity to benefit from our great purchasing potential, due to the important contracts we have stipulated with the most important Italian producers. This also translates to greater visibility as well as an increase in company performance.
At Onetile, we want to assist all floor and wall tile retailers, offering them greater competitiveness in a market that is now monopolised by large-scale operators that make price the only selling tool. These corporations no longer ensure the best purchase services for the Customer.

Together it's better

At Onetile, we place all our services, as well as our advantages, at our partner's service:
• The best purchase conditions
For all the most important Italian ceramic brands, thanks to collaborations matured over 60 years
• No more Warehouse
We provide our partners with access to our efficient logistic structure, ensuring availability of the most important series and immediate response times for each availability request.
• Customised and secure transport management
We provide access to our stipulated agreements with the main  industry transport companies that guarantee the most competitive prices on the market for a series of impeccable services. At Onetile, we will manage the relationships and the logistics chain on behalf of our partners and, where necessary, also deliver products to their customers, covered by our "money-back" guarantee. They will no longer have to deal with issues related to handling and transporting materials. We assume the cost of replacing the goods, with no additional fees for our partners or their customer.
• Visibility and web contacts
We will give geo-localised visibility to our partners through our web platform and social channels, introducing them and their shops through photo shoots and showroom presentations. Furthermore, our partners will be indicated as an exclusive reference point for a specific area, transmitting every contact received through the platform to them, guaranteeing territorial exclusivity.
• Showroom sample stock
At Onetile, we offer our partners all the samples necessary for the outfitting of their retail outlets, ensuring a continuous supply of new material in the showroom and online.