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Designer apartment in Vimercate (MI)

A simple and linear, yet modern space

The recreation of a simple and linear, yet modern space. The warm tones of the paintings are blended with bright tones from a few of the furnishing details, creating a touch of design and breaking up the monotony of the classicism.

Floor and wall tiles used

Master bathroom flooring: Marazzi porcelain stoneware floor tiles, Block series, Grey colour, in 60x60 format
Master bathroom wall tiles: Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles, Offcina7 series, White colour, in 32.5x97.7 format, in combination with Cerim ceramic tiles, Wood Essence series, strip module. silver colour, in 48x16.5 format
Guest bathroom flooring: Kronos porcelain stoneware flooring, Età di pietra series, Menhir colour
Guest bathroom wall tiles: Kronos porcelain stoneware tiles. Età series, Menhir colour, in 30x60 format
Shower wall tiles: Kronos ceramic tiles, Età di pietra series, Menhir colour, in 30x60 format