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Ventuno Grammi Project

The Ventuno Grammi project commissioned by the Big Bang cooperative

The "Ventuno Grammi" project is sponsored by the Municipality of Brescia, the Province of Brescia and Expo 2015. The project's premises are a bakery producing oven-baked goods, such as individual pastries and takeaway food. We collaborated by supplying floor and wall tiles with the aid of Tempini 1921.
Commissioned by the "Big Bang" Non-profit Social Cooperative, "Ventuno Grammi" was established by the groundswell of people with Down's syndrome and their family members (members of the Centro Bresciano Down - Onlus Association) to foster their social inclusion through work.

Floor and wall tiles used

Porcelain stoneware main flooring: Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles, Blend series, Grey colour, in 60X60 format
Porcelain stoneware main wall tiles: Cerim porcelain stoneware tiles, Mù series, Pergamon colour, in 20X33.3 format
Porcelain stoneware bathroom flooring: Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles, Sistem N, Neutral Graphite colour, in 60X60 format
Ceramic bathroom wall tiles: Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles, Sistem N series, Neutral Graphite colour. in 60X60 format
Ceramic bathroom wall tiles: Floor Gres porcelain stoneware tiles, "Reverse" series, RE-1.1 White colour, in 20X120 format
Lab wall tiles: Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles, Le Cromie series, Cream (Opal) colour, in 20x20 format