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How do you achieve the best flooring result?

1) For perfect tiling with lasting results over time, the foundation (screed) must be exactly level (spirit level).

2) Carefully consider the aesthetic and technical requirements of the tiles (in relation to the style and intended use of the space), the formats to be installed, the laying pattern, as well as the size and the colour of the grout lines.

3) Evaluate the selected grout line colour: very colourful grout, in particular black, brown, red, or any strong colour, must NOT be used on SANDED products; removing colourful grout can be difficult, even on glazed tiles.

4) Laying tiles without grout lines is strongly discouraged and is absolutely not feasible for outdoor environments. In the case of a modular laying pattern that uses different-format tiles, allow for grout lines measuring:
  • 2 mm for rectified products 
  • 3-4 mm for NON-rectified products
5) Communicate when ordering: always specify if the requested material is intended for multi-format laying, to allow our commercial offices to ship matching calibres and compatible shades of material to customers.