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Battiscopa Scratched White it's the trim tile combined with the porcelain stoneware series I BIANCHI of COEM. Collection I BIANCHI it is available in different colors and configurable formats according to your needs and can be supplied with matching skirting boards, channels and plinths. Onetile offers only first choice porcelain stoneware products.

  • Color
    Battiscopa Scratched White
  • Format
    3" x 24" in
  • Depth
    0.354 in
  • Surface
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4/4 Configuration

1. Choose Color and style

Decor and mosaic
Trim Tiles
Ancient PaperAncient Paper
Bright GlacierBright Glacier
Scratched WhiteScratched White
Sea SaltSea Salt
Lisca Ancient PaperLisca Ancient Paper
Lisca Bright GlacierLisca Bright Glacier
Lisca Scratched WhiteLisca Scratched White
Lisca Sea SaltLisca Sea Salt
Mosaico Losanghe Ancient PaperMosaico Losanghe Ancient Paper
Mosaico Losanghe Bright GlacierMosaico Losanghe Bright Glacier
Mosaico Losanghe Scratched WhiteMosaico Losanghe Scratched White
Mosaico Losanghe Sea SaltMosaico Losanghe Sea Salt
Battiscopa Ancient PaperBattiscopa Ancient Paper
Battiscopa Bright GlacierBattiscopa Bright Glacier
Battiscopa Scratched WhiteBattiscopa Scratched White
Battiscopa Sea SaltBattiscopa Sea Salt

2. Choose Format

3&quote; x 24&quote;3" x 24" in

3. Choose Depth / Surface

 List price 1, 4Depth 3SurfaceBox 2, 3Pallet 3Code
CHOOSEList price *10.25 $/Ask for discountDepth0.354 inSurfaceMatteBox **22 pieces (10.66 ft2 - 43.31 ft - 48.5 Lb)Pallet **-CodeIBB602R
CHOOSEList price *14.18 $/Ask for discountDepth0.354 inSurfacepolishedBox **22 pieces (10.66 ft2 - 43.31 ft - 48.5 Lb)Pallet **-CodeIBB602L
1. The price lists currently in force can change at any time until the order confirmation due to the continuous and high growth of the cost of raw materials, gas, transport
2. The units / pieces per box and the square meters in a product box are shown
3. Measurements in feet and inches are approximate for your convenience. Actual dimensions are expressed in the metric system
4. The prices shown on the site are in $ (dollars) for your convenience. The offer will always be made in € (euros)

4. Summary

COEM I BIANCHI Battiscopa Scratched White 3" x 24" Matte
PriceAsk for discount
Color and styleBattiscopa Scratched White
Format3" x 24" in
0.354 in

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